About the Book of Answers

When you are indecisive, the Book of Answers online can provide you with problem-solving answers. Simply tap the Book of Answers to quickly obtain the answer.
The inspiration for the Answer Book website comes from the paper version of the book, but all answers on this site are generated by AI and have no relation to the original book
The Answer Book website is not limited by physics books, and can be used anytime and anywhere by opening our website, making it more convenient and simple.
Stay focused, silently recite the problem you need to solve, and gently click on the answer book image to obtain the answer.
No! The answers provided by the Answer Book website are all randomly generated by AI, which is more suitable for leisure and entertainment than problem-solving. We do not assume any responsibility for any losses or damages caused by using the answers on this website.
In fact, at the moment you click to get the answer, you may already know what you truly want.
Please follow your heart and actively deal with confusion. There is nothing that cannot be solved.
Both websites are the work of poisonbian.
On the site of hi2future, you can write a letter to your future self, focusing on the dialogue between the present and the future.
The book of answers helps you answer your doubts, or more like "helping you strengthen your beliefs", focusing on grasping the "present".